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Website Optimization Tools And Services

Website Optimization Tools And Services

Trying to get more visitors to your site is not something you should do without having as many website optimization tools and services as possible. After all, there are so many useful and easy to use tools out there on the net, it’s a shame not to take advantage of them. With many of these tools being free or inexpensive, being able to optimize your website will be easier than ever before. Here are some great online tools and services that will make your optimization efforts more effective than ever.


Ever wonder how crawlers come across your site? Sitemaps are what give out the hints to big search engines about what’s out there. Using sitemaps can help search engines pick up on your site more rapidly, and also can help properly categorize it. You can make your own sitemaps, or have someone else do it for you.

Robot Instructions

Things such as Robots.txt and other similar instructionals tell crawlers which pages they should categorize, which they should skip over, as well as other instructions. Many guides exist online that explain how to use these to their full potential. Similarly, using the code “rel=noFollow” also will allow you to remove the advantages your competition has when you link out to their site.

Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools

Perhaps the most effective bunch of tools a webmaster could ever find, this series of tools has multiple categories that make it a web optimization powerhouse.

  • Settings – This allows you to set the very basic nuts and bolts of web optimization as well as the preferred URLs that you want crawlers to hit.
  • Diagnostics – Did you ever have one of those days where everything you seem to do goes awry? Well, it happens with website optimization, too. When you run the diagnostic tools that Google gives you, you can actually see whether or not you’ve been hit with malware, whether crawlers have been having a lot of errors, and even whether or not you are doing everything possible with your HTML coding to improve your optimization efforts.
  • Website Responsiveness – See if you have a mobile friendly website or not, and what might be the problems with your mobile version of your site.
  • Your Site On The Web – This webmaster tool genre is amazing when it comes to giving you real insight on where you stand on the net, and what your search engine optimization efforts are doing to your site’s ranking. You also get to see your click-through rates, as well as the top pages that are delivered in search engine results.
  • +1 Metrics – Social media is king with a lot of search engine optimization efforts, especially when it comes to Google’s +1 function. This allows you to track your progress in Google Plus, and also check out who is promoting posts related to your site.
  • Site Configuration – Want to submit your sitemaps, test out your own robots.txt files, or fix up all the addresses that can get changed when you move domains? This is the category of Google Webmaster tools to go to. People who are big fans of this tool set say that it makes managing the technical aspects of website optimization a lot easier – especially for those who really dislike dealing with too much coding.

To get to google webmaster took you can go to this website: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/. To set up an account with them you will have to create an email account and insert a meta tag code on your website. You can also upload an html file. After you have set up your google webmaster tool please don’t forget to go and submit your website sitemap, in the sitemap section. This will tell google exactly what pages you want to index and when you will make an update will tell google that you have added more content to your website that will need to be crawled.

The Bing Webmaster CenterBing Webmaster Tools

Not to be outdone by Google, Microsoft’s Bing search engine came up with their own slew of webmaster tools available to those who want to improve their results with Bing. Before you ask, yes, you can sign up for both Google and Bing webmaster services.

  • Traffic – This Bing tool monitors your site traffic, and also combines the results you’re getting from both Bing and Yahoo. Unlike Google, this tool also can give you a cost estimate of how much you’d end up paying for advertising based on the keywords you choose.
  • Index – This is the Bing answer to Google’s Site Configuration. Here, webmasters choose how Bing indexes their site, and fix mistakes that crawlers may have made.
  • Overview and Crawl Stats – Both of these tools give you a basic idea of how well your SEO efforts have been doing, and also tell you how frequently crawlers are hitting your site. This monitors stuff like clicks, impressions, and how many crawler errors have occurred in the recent months. This allows you to help Bing prioritize your site, and also control what kind of impression your site gives on the net.

To create a Bing Webmaster account you can go to this url: www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster The same thing like google webmaster tool you need to set up your account with an email address and then to the website verification. Also don’t forget to submit the .xml sitemap file.

Google Analytics Detail ReportingGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics is another important tool that will help you in finding out what you type of traffic is coming to your website and how many visitors you are getting each day.

Here are some of the features that you can see within the tool:

  • Detail Reporting – you will be able to see how many visitors you had to your website, the region are they coming from, number of sessions, unique visitors, average time on site, bounce rate, language that they are speaking, browser, what pages they have visited, etc
  • Real Time – This is a feature that will show you what exactly who is visiting your website in real time.
  • Acquisition – get detail report from where the visitors are coming from. You can see who came to your website from your: paid traffic, organic, social media, referral or any other custom campaign.

To install Google Analytics you will have to add an script on each page that you want to track. Most of the time if you want to track all of the pages of the website you will need to add the custom code withing the header or footer section of the website. To get access to the Google Analytics visit this link: www.google.com/analytics

The coolest thing about being able to use SEO tools and services is that it has a much, much more powerful impact on your overall results than simply blogging and using social media alone. So, if you feel like you’re being stuck in a rut by your optimization efforts, it may be time to look into more tools that are being offered for webmasters who really, truly care about their traffic and their websites. They’re easy enough for anyone to use!

How To Structure Your Website For On-Page SEO – Part 1

Much of the important aspects of search engine optimization hinge on the content of your website – not how many people have visited the site itself. In order to get the most out of your SEO work, you will need to structure your website and build content that makes search engine algorithms more likely to promote your site in the search engine rankings. This guide will give you a step by step method on how to make your site as SEO-friendly as possible.


website-optimizationThe Title Tag

The title tag is what basically gives your site a title, and it’s the first thing that web crawlers pick up on. Use a good title that is unique and filled with descriptive keywords to maximize the website display space in Google search.

A good example of content for a title tag is as follows:

Welcome To Fat Loss Central! Site Of LA’s Most Popular Workout Center!

A bad example of content for a title tag is as follows:

Weight Loss


Meta Description

This is I think the second most important thing after the title tag, that can help you in ranking your webpage. Make sure when you write the description for your content, you will include your main keyword and additional keywords that you are trying to rank for. Google will display only up to 156 characters in the search results. Make sure everything that is important is listed within the first 156 characters.


Keyword Usage

Keyword usage on your site is the only way that a search engine can figure out what to categorize your site as, and whether or not it’s relevant enough to rank correctly. So, you will have to use keywords that people who would want to look at your site would search for. Figuring out which keywords to use can be intuitive at times, but also can be done with several apps and services that are found online. Experts suggest trying at least 3 or 4 different keywords, or phrases, that people are likely to search for when looking for your site.

It is important to add keywords to your site’s verbal content. For example, if you are a site that focuses on plumbing, have a small paragraph that talks about plumbing. The order of the keywords also counts when crawlers are determining relevancy, so make sure that you have the right order for your site’s ranking. When adding descriptions to your photos, Javascript apps, and similar features, make sure to add one or two keywords to the descriptions as well.


Keyword Abuse

There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing,” especially when it comes to using keywords. Stuffing keywords into every single aspect of your page might have worked 15 years ago, but it will likely do more harm than good. Ideally, keywords would be used in reasonable amounts throughout the page. When you have keywords that are being used in unnatural ways, keywords being stuffed into every meta tag, every link title, and every other sentence of the page, crawlers will assume that your page is meant to spam users. (And to a point, they would kinda be right.)

Adding keywords that have nothing to do with the page’s content also can lead to search engines citing your site as a keyword abuser.


website-keyword-researchTips For On-Page Optimization

Here’s how you can use keywords wisely while avoiding the chance of being a keyword abuser.

  • Use the keyword once in your title tag. Once is enough!
  • Your content does need keywords, too, and there is a right way to go about it. Use your keyword once near the top of the page, and then about 3 times throughout the rest of the page. When dropping your keywords, it’s alright and even suggested to use variations of your keywords that you are trying to rank. If you are posting a longer blog post, using keywords and their variations more than 3 times is acceptable. Use your common sense.
  • Alt descriptions need keywords, too. When adding descriptions of your images, make sure to include the keyword at least once. This can often lead to great image search results, which in turn can lead to even more traffic.
  • URLs need keywords, but only once. Don’t overdo it. It’s more important to keep URLs shorter than it is to stuff them with keywords and extra phrases.
  • Meta description is another place that you need to add some keywords that are relevant to the keywords that you are trying to rank. Be careful because the meta description is one of the elements that will displayed in the Google search results below the title tag. This means that your description needs to be compelling and with relevant keywords. Having a compelling and informative description can increase the traffic to your website!
  • While META tags are not used by crawlers, many SEO experts highly suggest using a keyword in them once, simply because it’s the page description that users see. Hey, it doesn’t hurt!
  • Remember that the main goal of your site isn’t always getting crawlers to pick up on your site, but to deliver a good user experience to people who visit your site. A good user experience will result in a better search engine ranking in the long term, anyway. This is because good user experiences will lead to more revisits, which in turn is picked up by search engines.

Great SEO should not be too hard to achieve, at least, not when it comes to your page’s layout. The next section will continue to expound on some of the most important elements of good web design, and how they all will influence your search engine ranking in the long and short term.

Why You Need To Have Your Site Optimized For Users And For Search Engine Robots

human-website-readersDid you ever wonder what makes a site truly successful on the internet? The truth is that having a successful website is a fine balancing act between pleasing two opposing parties. In order to get the most traffic and the best conversion rates for your company, you will need to make sure that your website is optimized for search engine crawlers, but still make it user friendly enough for the people who actually click on the links and visit the site.  We have already gone over why it’s important to have a site that has been optimized for search engines (read article here), but we haven’t gone over why it’s important to strive for a more human balance. This section will explain why in detail.

In many cases, especially when you use old school SEO techniques, it’s easy to please search engine crawlers and get loads of hits…at the expense of your users’ experience. Common SEO tactics can cause a site to be overclogged with walls of text filled with keywords, too many links, and too many updates on social media.

This can easily overwhelm users who just want to look for simple information on your company’s home page. Too many links, or a confusing site layout that is built for SEO crawlers instead of actual people, can detract from a user’s experience. Similarly, a site that has too many SEO widgets installed might end up loading very slowly, which in turn, may aggravate users. Working to get crawlers to pay attention to your site and promote it at the cost of user experience, will likely lead to loads of little problems with the site’s usability.

returning-visitors-for-your-websiteGet returning visitors to your website!

These little things may seem like minor issues at first glance, but as the old saying goes, everything counts in large amounts. Site users who have negative experiences with a particular website are less likely to visit it in the future, and way less likely to recommend it to a friend. Poor quality sites will almost always be overtaken by sites that focus on a more human-oriented approach to site optimization. Moreover, having a low quality site that doesn’t really cater to human visitors is also linked to having lower sales conversion rates, and a generally poor internet presence. Worse still, having a poor online presence will also influence buyers to buy from competitor stores, even if the sale is done face-to-face. Is having a (temporarily) highly ranked site really worth sacrificing your own customers? We don’t believe so.

Create quality content for your website

Along with the fact that people will not likely enjoy your site if it’s optimized only for crawlers and not for human beings, there are many, many indicators that suggest that the internet search engines are going to increase their focus on user experience as the years continue to pass. Much of this trend can be seen in Google’s recent overhaul of its entire search engine algorithm. By scrapping the heavy emphasis on keywords, and promoting the importance of social media, Google clearly made a stance that they are looking for quality content for users instead of quality content for crawlers.

The future of search engine algorithms will be one which is driven by content quality and popularity among people – not the number of keywords that are jammed into a company’s main home page. Even with the trend just emerging, it has had a profound effect on a multitude of well known sites. Many major sites have taken a huge hit in search engine rankings with the new overhaul, so one can only imagine what the wrong focus can do to a budding website.

seo-website-teqniques Always optimize your content

However, as important as a human focus is to any website, it’s also still important to incorporate SEO into your site’s development. After all, if you don’t get crawlers to examine your site, you will not likely end up getting any visitors to marvel at how wonderful your site is.

The vast majority of traffic that any site receives is gotten through search engines. After all, when you’re searching for a local business or looking for a question, don’t you simply search the internet most of the time? Making an impression on search engine indexers, therefore, is still a priority that needs to be addressed by any webmaster with aspirations of having a popular site.

The bottom line is that you do have to walk a very fine line between pleasing people and pleasing search engines. Instead of the heavy handed approach to SEO that site owners were once expected to have, it’s now much more advisable to have it be a very gentle, very subtle push in many respects. And, since algorithms have changed to make it a much more user-friendly world out there, it’s easy enough to have a decent balance between the two without upsetting engine crawlers too much.

What Is A Search Engine, And How Do They Work?

search engineGet more information about Search Engines

One of the most common terms you’ll hear being thrown around internet forums dedicated to SEO is the term “Search Engine Optimization”. Even if you are a total newbie to the net, you have most likely already used a search engine, and have likely been using them for years. Search engines are sites that allow us to search for keywords on the net, and return results in a nice, organized way. Based on the file type we can filter if we want to see videos, pictures, audio, power point presentation, and other files types. Some major search engine sites include Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Bing.com. Other fringe website engines exist, but they tend to be less well known than the major ones.

website-addresswwW. whaT internet address?

Prior to search engines, it was nearly impossible to discover a website without knowing the address of the site beforehand. The entire purpose of search engines is to make it possible for people to find the things that they are looking for on the net without forcing them to memorize millions of internet addresses. Sites like Google not only categorize pages by the topics that they are about, but also categorize them by popularity.

The more popular and more high quality a website has been proven to be, the more likely it is to show up on search results that are related to the content that is on the site. Nowadays you can have a website address that is starting with www. or without www. It is up to the site owner preferences if he want’s or not the www. version.

website optimizationWhat is search term?!?

Search terms are also known as keywords, and they are the backbone of search engine result categorization. Websites that are considered to be the most relevant to the search terms that you enter are the ones in the top 5 slots on the first page. These get the vast majority of the traffic that one can receive by search engine for that term. Sites that are less relevant to a series of keywords will end up on a lower results rung. After a certain point, many website engines will simply return slightly relevant sites as results.

Most people never will see those sites, simply because of how lowly ranked they are. In Google, when you usually search for a term you will also get local listings. Those listings must be set up, and claimed by the local business owner in order to get listed in the Google local directory.

spider-crawlerCrawlers / Indexing Service

The way that they do this is by using an indexing service to include the site on search engine results, and then using special robots called site crawlers to pick up on keywords and other similar things to properly categorize them. Crawlers regularly visit websites in order to make sure that the content doesn’t change too drastically, and to also make sure that their categorization is accurate. Crawlers pick up on a variety of different things, such as keyword placement, and the title of the page. They use this to determine what your site is really all about.

You can use Google Webmaster Tools, to see if your website gets crawl correctly, and you will also get notified if there is any problem when google bots is crawling your website or if you have any 404 errors, or any other type of crawling/linking error.

website relevancyHow we decide the relevancy

But, how, one wonders, does a search engine decide which sites are the most relevant, and which sites deserve the top ranking? How does a engine decide which sites are total bunk, and are just too low quality to count in a search index? The answer is that search engines use a special mathematical formula called an algorithm to decide all that. The algorithm combines a large number of factors to decide what site deserves the top ranking.

Because search engines are always trying to provide better and better content for users, algorithms are prone to change. In some cases in the past, the entire older algorithms for major web engines were scrapped, and a new algorithm, complete with new programming, was put in its place. There’s no saying that this won’t happen in the future again.

keyword-stuffingPut a stop on Keyword Stuffing !

Originally, most seo algorithms only counted two or three factors, putting the most emphasis on the number of times a keyword would appear on a page and the number of directories that have linked to said site. This caused many major sites to become keyword-stuffed messes that really detracted from a person’s overall experience while browsing the net using search engines. Since then, search engines have implemented other signs of a site’s quality and relevance to their algorithms that make the entire process of deciding a page’s rank more involved and quality-based.

Some of the new things that have been added include filters that help prevent sites that are overuse keywords for the sake of getting a higher rank, filters that make note of site pages that have been submitted to blacklisted directories, as well as sites that contain malware. Newer algorithms also are more likely to focus on things like social media shares, discussion of said website by others, as well as your overall internet presence.

seo optimization recapRecap!

Basically, search engines are what make the internet as popular and as powerful as it is, and it’s through a search engine’s crawlers and unique algorithms that we are able to see the pages that we see when we search something up online. They are the biggest provider of organic traffic for sites of every genre, so it’s important to make sure that your website is good to go with most search engines. Google is currently the biggest search engine on the market today.

How To Get Better Rankings in Google and YouTube

Get Better RankingsWe all know just how powerful the internet can be because no matter where you look online now you are being advertised to. You might scoff at the ads that fill up about a fifth of the web page in front of you at any one time, but they wouldn’t be getting paid for if they weren’t offering some kind of return at the other end. Some of the most direct advertising methods out there are some of the most successful when used in the right environment and context.

For most people, though, it’s important to get the groundwork finished first and this means establishing yourself in methods that you know will work for you immediately. No matter your niche, your website style or your business methodology you will be able to get sales and traffic from Google and from YouTube. Together they are the most potent and coherent marketing strategy that a business can use, and when you augment them with the power of many other marketing methods you can absolutely blow your competition out of the water.

But, with the power of Google and YouTube comes exceptionally high standards. Being arguably the biggest industry in the world, the internet has immense standards for those who want to succeed. You aren’t just competing with the business across the street to get a cut of the local pie; you are going up against everyone from eBay sellers and freelancers to conglomerate giants. Therefore, you need to make sure you are using the smartest and most intelligent methods possible to get yourself as high up on Google as possible.

It’s not about spending huge amounts of money and hoping for the best – it’s about doing the smart little tasks that are time consuming but cost-effective and offer incredible potential. There are literally hundreds of little tips and tricks that you can implement to your business strategy to make sure that your website is coming out on top but we want to concentrate on some of the most practical methods that you can get plentiful assistance with at great prices or do yourself if you have the knowhow.

If you are looking to expend your business and get better rankings than you need to get in contact with our SEO team from San Francisco.

seo strategy to rank in google yahoo youtube bingGet better ranking by having good SEO on your webpages

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most commonly used online strategies. It’s all about making sure that your website is search engine compliant and jumps through all of the hoops that Google asks of you. When you are on the first page of Google you will get business, it’s just a fact these days.

Many individually run businesses are outwitting larger corporations because they are using the power of SEO to get in ahead of them. if you see a business that is ahead of a recognized company brand you are going to check them out, because they must be pretty good at what they do to be ahead of that company!

These perceptions can be incredibly powerful – you can make your business stand out like a genuine giant. There is a huge amount of work that goes into making SEO absolute on your website and hiring an expert who can implement all the right changes to your website can be incredibly powerful and the cost can be reflected in the success you see from the other side.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another way to get better rankings for your website. It is one of the most intelligent things that you can do these days. Google loves cool, fresh content and it loves content that isn’t loaded with keywords. Even more importantly, it’s a lover of links between websites so when you start writing content to be hosted on other peoples blogs – preferably popular ones in your niche! – You can start to see incredible benefits from doing this.

If you are relatable enough and write a convincing article that isn’t too heavy on the sales approach, you can make a long-term traffic funnel from just a few hours of writing and fresh content getting posted all over the web. If you write a good article, there aren’t too many blogs who are going to reject your ideas or what you want to do, is there? If you aren’t a writer then you can go to freelance websites and get quality writing done, and then send that over with a link to your website!

Local Directories

As we said, Google loves links back to your website especially on places of authority. Local directories are the definition of authority in the eyes of Google, so make sure you are getting involved in getting your website on local directories, this can be a huge benefit to you as people come across your business as the go-to solution for their problem. It’s not too costly either and can be a strong incremental marketing method.

Video Optimization

When we discussed SEO above, all of this relates directly to YouTube. It uses keywords just the same way as Google does, so having you business’ videos optimized to fit the right keywords on YouTube can bring you lots of traffic and business for the future.

YouTube is used today for everything from watching music videos and movie reviews to getting tips on how to play the guitar and even finding the business you are going to work with. Tap into this power and you can really benefit for years to come!

YouTube and Google are easily the most applicable online webpages that you can use to strengthen your powerbase online and convince your potential clients that you are serious. If you are seen to be getting a lot of traffic and authority from these two sites you will be given the time to sell your product or service to anybody who clicks through to you. This is a commodity that you really cannot buy, as it’s so invaluable in an environment where you don’t get long at all to tell why you can be the solution.
Make sure you start looking into investing in raising your profile on both Google and YouTube because without it you not only risk not capitalizing on your potential but you also may wind up in a situation where your rivals outperform you and push you into the past.

Get in contact with our team from SF Website Design if you are looking to get better ranking on in different search engines like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Tips in how to write good content for your website

Good quality content is the lifeblood of any website. If you can produce good quality content then you WILL attract visitors to your website. You also stand a much better chance of converting them into paying customers too. Surprisingly, there are actually very sites out there who actually put top content on their website. There are far too many webmasters out there who will throw up any old thing and call it a day. Guess what? This is going to cost them money. I know you are not as silly as those though. After all, you have stumbled across this page. It shows that you have at least an inkling about how important good quality content is

Now, there are TONS of people out there who feel as though they can’t write. Trust me. You can. If you know English well enough then you CAN write. Writing good quality content is actually FAR easier than writing at school. Trust me on that one. If you can open up a Word Processor then you can write. Hopefully these tips will give you a nice nudge in the right direction.


discover how to write good content for your websiteWrite Unique Content

I want to kick off these tips with one of the most vital of all; write unique content. Now, I do not mean coming up with a completely new topic on your own (although if you can do that, it would be brilliant). Instead I mean ensuring that your article is different from anything else you will read online. It needs your own unique spin. It NEEDS to be written in ‘your voice’.

One of the WORST things you can do when you are writing content is to go out there and snatch sentences and even whole paragraphs from other websites. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • If you are operating in a small niche then it is highly likely somebody would have seen that information before. If they recognize you stole it then they simply will leave. You will forever be known as a fraud. This is not a good title to have by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Secondly, and this is perhaps the most important, it will RUIN your SEO (search engine optimization). You see, search engines like Google will completely ignore ‘stolen’ content. This means that no matter how good it is, you just won’t get ranked.

It honestly is not too difficult to write unique content. Just use multiple research sources (more on that soon) and you should be fine! I am going to discuss how you can come up with ‘unique’ ideas for content in the final section.



If you know your niche well then you MAY (not always) be able to skip this. You want to make sure that absolutely everything is researched IN DEPTH! Use multiple research sources so you actually get facts on your websites. Do not post something unless it is mentioned in 2 or 3 different places. You stick up false content and people will loathe you.


write good articlesDo Not Focus on SEO so Much

One of my biggest pet peeves is the amount of webmasters out there who will SEO their content to hell. Sure, you may climb up the search engines like this, but you certainly are not going to be converting any of those website visitors into paying customers. People want to read something that actually sounds natural. They do not want it to be jarred by stupidly placed keywords. This will throw them off. A recent study showed that even the simplest error like this could cause somebody to leave your website quickly.

So, what about your SEO? Well, if you write content properly then it should end up pepper-potted with natural keyword phrases anyway. If you want to add keywords in place, and I actively suggest you do in some cases, then do make sure that it sounds natural. You are writing for people. You are not writing for machines.


Couple of Ideas for Content

Perhaps one of the MOST DIFFICULT parts of writing content for websites is actually coming up with the initial idea. Now, obviously I do not know what niche you are in. However, I want to finish up with a couple of generic ideas for content types. I am sure you will be able to work with this to come up with something that could potentially work for your site:

  • The ‘How To’ article: If you are looking for a decent bit of link bait then that How To article is the way to go. As you can probably guess from the name, this article is all about walking somebody through something specific in a ‘step-by-step’ format. I am sure that no matter what your niche is, you will be able to come up with a ‘how to’ article of some description. It is likely that the bulk of your articles will be in the ‘How Totrain of thought.
  • Definition Articles: Does your niche have a number of complex terms that people may not know the meaning of? A definition article is the way to go. Go into depth on a complex term. If you know your niche well then this should not be too difficult.
  • Discussion Articles: This may be a little bit difficult to pull off and it MAY NOT suit every single niche. The idea here is to discuss something relevant to the industry. For example, if you blog about politics then you may put forth your own ideas on something that a particular politician said. Controversial reviews WILL attract a lot of visits.
  • News: If you are going to go down the news route then make sure that it is 100% unique.
  • List Articles: You know the type. These are the ‘top 10’ lists! People love reading these.

Perhaps one of the best tips I can offer you here is to go around and see what your competitors do. See which content tends to attract the highest amount of praise. Do not copy their ideas obviously. However see what they do right and try to mimic them. There is no point reinventing the wheel, right?

Honestly, there is not a lot to writing content. You just need that idea and you need to write it. Providing you proof read over and over again, edit where needed, and create something worth reading and 100% unique you should not have too many problems.

Stay tuned we will be back with more amazing content and with more information in how to write good content for your web property! We will strive to provide you with amazing information in how to improve your website optimization.