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A WordPress Security Update with Brennen Byrne

Brennen Byrne wordpress security specialistSF Website Design at WordPress security seminar

On June 25 Automatic hosted a seminar about WordPress security in San Francisco.
The speaker of this event was Brennen Byrne. Brennen he is the cofounder and CEO of Clef, which is a company that provides services that takes care of website security. Here is the link to Clef website: getclef.com

Brennen was discussing what are the most important aspect about the WordPress security and he was emphasizing why it is so important to have your WordPress Website updated all the time.

If you thing about having a website secured, you also have to consider to update our template and plugins. We managed to get a list for you that will increase your website security and it is extremely important to follow through the checklist if you really want to have a secured website. You can get access to the list by visiting the link below:

Another great plugin that can increase your wordpress website security is called Wordfance and you can download it from this link bellow:


Seminar recording video:

If you are looking for a WordPress website designer don’t forget that we are here to help you get a website designed for you or your company. To see some of our websites you can check out our portfolio page by clicking this link. We are also offering WordPress tutoring lessons and you can get more information over here: https://sfwebsitedesign.net/wordpress-tutoring-san-francisco/.

Website Security: Attack, defense and profit Seminar

We all desire top of the line website security. It’s one of the those things we will always need. In this tech-driven society where all our information is at our fingertips, we need people who are protecting just that. At the “Web Security: Attack, Defense and Profit” Seminar, that info at your fingertips was being discussed, well, its protection to be more exact. Guess who else wants to ensure your safety? If you guessed SF Website Design, then points go to you!


Web Security: Attack, Defense and profit was organized by San Francisco’s own SFHTML5 Meet Up group. SFHtml5 is a group of industry professionals and enthusiasts coming together for fun and knowledge which is paramount in this age. At the seminar, which was hosted at the Google office in San Francisco, CA., 4 keynote speakers took the stage and laid out the digital carpet for billions of new ideas.


Parisa-Tabriz-software-engineers-in-Google-security-teamTalk One: “Do No Evil”
was speared by, Parisa Tabriz, who has background in information security.

She was initially a “Hired Hacker” for Google and that has brought her to managing Google Chrome’s security engineering team.



Tim-Willis-works-at-Google-teamTalk 2: “Ca$H for Bugs” Tim Willis (will-is) a Vulnerabilities expert.

He looks at websites and finds cracks that are microscopic and gets them fixed. I’m sure he is amazing, he use to work at the Australian department of defense. Now he works at Google and is making sure that all the bugs get’s fixed.



Eduardo-Vela-Nava-Google's-Product-Security-Response-team“Vulns shouldn’t compile,” but Eduardo Vela Nava surely does strike hot with the 3rd talk.

He leads the Product Security Response team for Google. His team makes sure any security issue that was, is no longer.



Joel-Weinberger-Chrome-security-teamAs Joel Weinberger say’s “Three steps to safety” which is talk 4, the last talk. Joel is a very dedicated Software Engineer.

He ensures user safety by hardening browser applications, he is also working at Chrome security team as a software engineer.


Other happenings at the event included tasty beverages, tantalizing sweets and a uber casual meet and greet. Over 200 people attended this event that was organized by SFHTML5.

We at SF Website Design strive to improve everything about ourselves, like going to the gym everyday or eating an extra carrot or two. However, being current in our information is a much bigger part of being involved in our ever expanding community. We will be attending events just like this and more. Expect coverage on computer sciences, updates on safety issues and solutions, and active implementation of safer practices.

The SFHTML5 meetup event page link is here: http://www.meetup.com/sfhtml5/events/179713932/