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How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Website

social media promotionSocial media is not only for trendy teens anymore, and it’s becoming one of the biggest driving forces of organic traffic to major websites. In recent years, social media has not only caused major booms in companies that were once ailing and struggling to get customer attention, but also has caused major downfalls in companies that once were much more popular than they currently are.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding in how to promote your website and your business.

Among many portions of society, a successful social media campaign adds a certain level of legitimacy to your company. Some won’t even buy from a company that doesn’t have a social media campaign, which is yet another reason why social media is now king. What we are trying to say here is that you need to have a good social-media campaign in order to get ahead. Here are some tips for every beginner.

1) Get a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, InstagramPintrest and LinkedIn, account for your business. These are often considered to be the basic building blocks of a strong social media campaign. You will need to fill out all your basic information on these sites, and also add some cool photos related to your business as part of your profile. Each profile should also have your company’s contact information. It makes you a lot easier to reach out to.

2) Start putting together a schedule of times when you update each account. Different social media platforms peak at different times. You can use programs like Facebook analytics to figure out when people are checking out your posts. Truth be told, though, the most important thing that you need to remember is that regular postings will make things more consistent for your customers, and that tends to keep your name in their mind longer. Customers that see a profile that is not very consistent will likely end up seeing you as unprofessional, or just not that into reaching out to them.

3) Begin posting content that is social media friendly websites. Most social media experts suggest an 80/20 rule when it comes to posting your content.

80% of your content should be related to your business or your industry.

– The other 20% should be fun and random, mainly because that’s what gets many shares on sites like Facebook and Tumblr. It’s important to remember how important it is that you continue to post. Without posting, your social media campaign will go nowhere.

4) Reach out to customers, and add them on any social media platform that allows it. This is part of engaging your customers through social media. Other ways to engage them include offering cool contests, answering comments and questions they may have about your services, and also just posting photos of them having fun at your venue. You want to shoot for as many new adds and followers as you can get per day.

5) While you are reaching out to your customers, it’s crucial to remember who your customers are. A company that caters to mothers in their 30s is not going to have the same kind of posts, or even promote their campaign, in the same way that a company that caters to young teens will.

social media network6) Remember that part of having a successful social media campaign is using tact. You do not want to make comments or posts that may upset or marginalize your customers in one way or another. Common sense and a little bit of etiquette will help you continue to post great content and build a better campaign. Even if you end up with hecklers on your site, it’s important to handle these things with grace. Otherwise, you will end up with a major PR problem on your hands.

7) It’s important to also make an effort to team up with others who are successful in the socialmedia realm. Much like hanging out with the cool crowd in high school, social media success is one of those things that rubs off on you. Offering to post for popular blogs, and even paying others to promote your social media campaign is a good way to help get more followers.

8) In order to get the most oomph in your campaign, you will need to make sure that many, if not most, of your postings have some sort of call to action to visit your websites. People need to be told to visit your site in order for them to really visit it frequently. More people viewing your site will equal to a higher conversion rate when it comes to sales.

9) Lastly, remember that every socialmedia campaign has to be adequately maintained in order for it to be successful. Without regular posts and the occasional image update, having a social media campaign for your website will not do too much good.

So if you want to be successful with your business you need to start promoting your business on different media websites. Create and share content to as many sources as you can we recommend you to start and get familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and go from there. Also if you provide services or sell products you need to try to make your clients to leave you a review for the service or product that was provided, it will help you in a long run.

Have a look on the video bellow! Gary Vaynerchuk will give you a better understanding of social media.

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Increase your website traffic by using different advertising methods

In the modern business world, it’s so important that you have a stable and steady traffic and lead generation system in place. This can take a bit of tweaking and moving around trying to get everything in place, but with the right mentality and methods it’s very easy to get this done in no time at all.
Of course, for most people it’s finding the right methods to actually use that is the difficult part. With so much misinformation and opinion out there it’s hard to drill down into what’s actually good business practice for you. Not every traffic generation method is going to be ideal for your business, so you need to think smart.

website-advertising-trafficWe want to look at some of the most common website traffic amplification methods that can help put your website on the map and actually bring you some clients in the long-term. Again, they might not be ideal for your business strategy but knowledge is power and you’ll be able to make the decision based on your knowledge of the niche you are in and whether or not you think this could help you push yourself forward in the market of your choosing;

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Launch A Google Advertising Campaign

As we all know now, Google is the daddy of the search engines. Sure, it’s nice to be on good terms with all of the search engines but if you are going to make a conscious effort to drill down into the search engines and concentrate on one it simply has to be Google. They offer you the highest chance of bringing you traffic and business in the long-term as they are not going anywhere.

Google advertising campaigns can be managed in a variety of different ways. They offer so many options about information about managing your campaigns and how to organize them that it’s hard to even get into the details here. There is so many methods that you can manage through here that we will be discussing below, so keep reading if the idea of augmenting Google interests you as they offer a form of many of these advertising methods!

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Unless you never use the internet or you simply don’t pay attention to modern culture, then you will be well aware of Facebook and its potential. Everybody can see how powerful Facebook can be if used properly – it’s a 24/7 market to just about anybody who uses the internet as part of their daily routine and the chance to advertise on Facebook should be something that you definitely want to look into.

They can be quite costly but it means that you will be appearing at the side of peoples Facebook pages if they seem to fit what you are looking for. This can open you up to whole new marketing possibilities and into demographics you never thought you would be active within, and can be extremely powerful when you start interacting with these people through your own Facebook page.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is up there with Facebook in terms of marketing potential, but you need to have some good and enticing media content to make this worthwhile. If you can’t really sell your product via video then it might be better to look into something else but if you can even market your business slightly through YouTube then you should be actively pursuing a YouTube marketing expert who can help you use this to build your traffic sources up incredibly quickly.

Pay Per Click

PPC marketing is one of the most powerful methods to get high website traffic, but it can also be one of the most expensive if you don’t use it right. As the name implies, you are paying for every click that you get from the advertising provided. If your site is not converting well then this can become a very expensive but when you use it to sell a strong website you can more than cover the costs of every click.

A PPC expert will help you get the right keywords and costs according to your budget and this can help offset the costs even further. When optimized properly for the right website this can be a devastating form of marketing that will leave your profits sky-high.

Buy Leads

Rather than creating leads organically you can literally buy them. There are many marketplaces that will sell you visitors. Even better, you can make sure that the visitors are actually tailored to your business’ market specifically which makes making the sell easier, but it can still be a little bit hit and miss. If you are getting success with other markets it’s well worth trying but as a last resort or your only marketing solution it can become an expensive failure if you start becoming desperate with it.

As you can see, the online marketing world has many different methods – and this is only the start. All of these methods are commonly used by many businesses to varying levels of success. The important part about using these marketing methods is getting the right team behind you who can actually put things into place in a considered and analytical mind.
All of these marketing methods are tailor fit to some business niches and styles, so it’s important that you consult with experts in each niche – or a marketing expert in general – to get the right consensus about what will fit you best, if you are not sure yourself.

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