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Get More Traffic Through Link Building

Have you ever surfed the net and clicked on a link, simply because it looked interesting and relevant to your interests? Of course you have! The reason why links are there is because people will likely want to click on them. Internet marketers are also very well aware of how powerful a well-placed, well-advertised link can be, and that’s why they often promote link building as an important part of any SEO endeavor.

Search engines also take link building and link back as an indicator of success and high quality. Here are some things you should keep in mind when link building.

  • A site that has thousands of sites linking to it, such as Wikipedia, is likely to rank higher than a site that doesn’t have many links as all. If the links come from sites that are relevant to your site, then the amount of emphasis that is put on your site in a positive way is even greater.
  • Similarly, links that feature keywords that you are targeting also tend to fare better on search engines as well.
  • A trusted website, such as one held by a government group, a major nonprofit, a major company, or even an educational facility, tend to get higher rankings regardless. If a highly trusted site promotes your site, then that will also signal to search engines that your site is more likely to be trustworthy. This in turn, promotes your site more heavily.
  • Sadly, trust goes both ways. If you’re unfortunate enough to get submitted into the wrong link directory, you yourself will likely end up getting categorized as spam. Spam sites tend to link to other spam sites, so it does make sense why this would happen.
  • A newer link is favored over an older link.
  • Social media shares, as well as back-links that are traced to social media are often considered to be some of the most potent links you can build.

Seo-Flow-Chart-Blackboard link building methods

Here are some ways that you can build links, get people to link to you, and also get more attention on a whole.

  • Offer to write for blogs, and offer to give content to sites in exchange for links. Banner exchange programs and being a guest blogger is a great way to make sure that you get links from sites that are frequently visited. Even plunking down money to strike up a partnership with a highly regarded site can prove to be highly profitable in SEO.
  • Have content that is prone to become viral. Really funny, fascinating, and informative content will much more likely be shared than content that is lame and hackneyed. High quality content is called “linkbait” for a reason! Good content often will involve funny or unbelievable images, highly informative content on topics of interest, as well as videos.
  • Get your customers to link to you. The more you encourage people to link to your site, the better off you’ll be. Many companies actually hold contests with goodies for people who link to their site for this very reason.
  • Be noteworthy. A site or company that makes waves is one that will likely get more links, more press coverage, and more overall interest. Doing things that help put you in the spotlight will likely bring more links and clicks to your site. Why? Because people will want to see what all the buzz is about!
  • If all else fails, buy links. Bought links don’t have as much pull on search engine ranks as links that are generated by real people. And, to a point, it’s understandable why this is the case. Wouldn’t you rather have a link on your site being promoted to actual people, by actual people? Of course you would! So would search engines!


Ok now let me give you a few places where you can go and set up a few authority properties that will link back to your website:

  1. Social Media PromotionSocial media places: Facebook, , Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, LinkedIn, etc. Another thing that is important to say under this category is that every time you want o post a new article, an image or a video, it will be a good idea if you will share it on all of your social media accounts, to give some authority to that new content that you have created.
  2. Business Directories: Facebook Business, Google Local Business, Yelp, LinkedIn Business, Thumbtack, Bing Local Places, City Search
  3. Create and submit your press release in places like PR Web, Sbwire, News Feed, Buzz Feed
  4. Set up web 2.0 properties and put some content up with a link back to your website. Here are a few of the best web 2.0 websites: WordPress, Blogger blog, Squidoo, Tumbler,
  5. Create a power point presentation and submit the power point presentation to different power point directories.
  6. After you have your power point presentation you can convert it into a video and you can submit it to different video sharing websites like, Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc…
  7. Write articles and post them to different article directories.

You can get nice authority back links from all these sources! And the best part is that most of them are free you just need to spend some time to create them and also to create the content.


Links are very important. Start building them if you want to

improve your site’s bottom line!


How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Website

social media promotionSocial media is not only for trendy teens anymore, and it’s becoming one of the biggest driving forces of organic traffic to major websites. In recent years, social media has not only caused major booms in companies that were once ailing and struggling to get customer attention, but also has caused major downfalls in companies that once were much more popular than they currently are.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding in how to promote your website and your business.

Among many portions of society, a successful social media campaign adds a certain level of legitimacy to your company. Some won’t even buy from a company that doesn’t have a social media campaign, which is yet another reason why social media is now king. What we are trying to say here is that you need to have a good social-media campaign in order to get ahead. Here are some tips for every beginner.

1) Get a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, InstagramPintrest and LinkedIn, account for your business. These are often considered to be the basic building blocks of a strong social media campaign. You will need to fill out all your basic information on these sites, and also add some cool photos related to your business as part of your profile. Each profile should also have your company’s contact information. It makes you a lot easier to reach out to.

2) Start putting together a schedule of times when you update each account. Different social media platforms peak at different times. You can use programs like Facebook analytics to figure out when people are checking out your posts. Truth be told, though, the most important thing that you need to remember is that regular postings will make things more consistent for your customers, and that tends to keep your name in their mind longer. Customers that see a profile that is not very consistent will likely end up seeing you as unprofessional, or just not that into reaching out to them.

3) Begin posting content that is social media friendly websites. Most social media experts suggest an 80/20 rule when it comes to posting your content.

80% of your content should be related to your business or your industry.

– The other 20% should be fun and random, mainly because that’s what gets many shares on sites like Facebook and Tumblr. It’s important to remember how important it is that you continue to post. Without posting, your social media campaign will go nowhere.

4) Reach out to customers, and add them on any social media platform that allows it. This is part of engaging your customers through social media. Other ways to engage them include offering cool contests, answering comments and questions they may have about your services, and also just posting photos of them having fun at your venue. You want to shoot for as many new adds and followers as you can get per day.

5) While you are reaching out to your customers, it’s crucial to remember who your customers are. A company that caters to mothers in their 30s is not going to have the same kind of posts, or even promote their campaign, in the same way that a company that caters to young teens will.

social media network6) Remember that part of having a successful social media campaign is using tact. You do not want to make comments or posts that may upset or marginalize your customers in one way or another. Common sense and a little bit of etiquette will help you continue to post great content and build a better campaign. Even if you end up with hecklers on your site, it’s important to handle these things with grace. Otherwise, you will end up with a major PR problem on your hands.

7) It’s important to also make an effort to team up with others who are successful in the socialmedia realm. Much like hanging out with the cool crowd in high school, social media success is one of those things that rubs off on you. Offering to post for popular blogs, and even paying others to promote your social media campaign is a good way to help get more followers.

8) In order to get the most oomph in your campaign, you will need to make sure that many, if not most, of your postings have some sort of call to action to visit your websites. People need to be told to visit your site in order for them to really visit it frequently. More people viewing your site will equal to a higher conversion rate when it comes to sales.

9) Lastly, remember that every socialmedia campaign has to be adequately maintained in order for it to be successful. Without regular posts and the occasional image update, having a social media campaign for your website will not do too much good.

So if you want to be successful with your business you need to start promoting your business on different media websites. Create and share content to as many sources as you can we recommend you to start and get familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and go from there. Also if you provide services or sell products you need to try to make your clients to leave you a review for the service or product that was provided, it will help you in a long run.

Have a look on the video bellow! Gary Vaynerchuk will give you a better understanding of social media.

Fell free to drop us a comment, share the content or ask us questions below if you need some help with your social media. We can also help you to create a diversified social media presence.