How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Website

social media promotionSocial media is not only for trendy teens anymore, and it’s becoming one of the biggest driving forces of organic traffic to major websites. In recent years, social media has not only caused major booms in companies that were once ailing and struggling to get customer attention, but also has caused major downfalls in companies that once were much more popular than they currently are.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding in how to promote your website and your business.

Among many portions of society, a successful social media campaign adds a certain level of legitimacy to your company. Some won’t even buy from a company that doesn’t have a social media campaign, which is yet another reason why social media is now king. What we are trying to say here is that you need to have a good social-media campaign in order to get ahead. Here are some tips for every beginner.

1) Get a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, InstagramPintrest and LinkedIn, account for your business. These are often considered to be the basic building blocks of a strong social media campaign. You will need to fill out all your basic information on these sites, and also add some cool photos related to your business as part of your profile. Each profile should also have your company’s contact information. It makes you a lot easier to reach out to.

2) Start putting together a schedule of times when you update each account. Different social media platforms peak at different times. You can use programs like Facebook analytics to figure out when people are checking out your posts. Truth be told, though, the most important thing that you need to remember is that regular postings will make things more consistent for your customers, and that tends to keep your name in their mind longer. Customers that see a profile that is not very consistent will likely end up seeing you as unprofessional, or just not that into reaching out to them.

3) Begin posting content that is social media friendly websites. Most social media experts suggest an 80/20 rule when it comes to posting your content.

80% of your content should be related to your business or your industry.

– The other 20% should be fun and random, mainly because that’s what gets many shares on sites like Facebook and Tumblr. It’s important to remember how important it is that you continue to post. Without posting, your social media campaign will go nowhere.

4) Reach out to customers, and add them on any social media platform that allows it. This is part of engaging your customers through social media. Other ways to engage them include offering cool contests, answering comments and questions they may have about your services, and also just posting photos of them having fun at your venue. You want to shoot for as many new adds and followers as you can get per day.

5) While you are reaching out to your customers, it’s crucial to remember who your customers are. A company that caters to mothers in their 30s is not going to have the same kind of posts, or even promote their campaign, in the same way that a company that caters to young teens will.

social media network6) Remember that part of having a successful social media campaign is using tact. You do not want to make comments or posts that may upset or marginalize your customers in one way or another. Common sense and a little bit of etiquette will help you continue to post great content and build a better campaign. Even if you end up with hecklers on your site, it’s important to handle these things with grace. Otherwise, you will end up with a major PR problem on your hands.

7) It’s important to also make an effort to team up with others who are successful in the socialmedia realm. Much like hanging out with the cool crowd in high school, social media success is one of those things that rubs off on you. Offering to post for popular blogs, and even paying others to promote your social media campaign is a good way to help get more followers.

8) In order to get the most oomph in your campaign, you will need to make sure that many, if not most, of your postings have some sort of call to action to visit your websites. People need to be told to visit your site in order for them to really visit it frequently. More people viewing your site will equal to a higher conversion rate when it comes to sales.

9) Lastly, remember that every socialmedia campaign has to be adequately maintained in order for it to be successful. Without regular posts and the occasional image update, having a social media campaign for your website will not do too much good.

So if you want to be successful with your business you need to start promoting your business on different media websites. Create and share content to as many sources as you can we recommend you to start and get familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and go from there. Also if you provide services or sell products you need to try to make your clients to leave you a review for the service or product that was provided, it will help you in a long run.

Have a look on the video bellow! Gary Vaynerchuk will give you a better understanding of social media.

Fell free to drop us a comment, share the content or ask us questions below if you need some help with your social media. We can also help you to create a diversified social media presence.


Characteristics of a perfect Responsive Web design

Most of the people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices and smart phones, now days. They can even become the common place for accessing the internet as these devices are becoming more affordable. People can use the mobile devices for multiple purposes like they can search for restaurant, night club, movie theatre or any other establishment. They are directed to business website. The businesses that create website with principles of Responsive web design are more prepared to engage with millions of people using mobile devices.

responsive website designWhat is Responsive Design?

The Responsive web design is a set of principles that are followed in order to create a website that needs a minimum scrolling and resizing and to be visible on a wide range of devices. It makes it simple and user friendly to access a website using a laptop, desktop, smart phone. This is what the Responsive web design aims to achieve.

Features of a perfect Responsive Website Design:

Less Effort: With the responsive web design, you just need to update the information only once on your website. These changes will appear or updated in all the versions of your website automatically. It will of course lessen your efforts.

Better and effortless user experience: Perfect responsive design gives users, an optimized and smooth experience on the device they are using. The most famous search engine Google started promoting the responsive web design in their own method for cell phone sites.

User Friendly Website:  Responsive Web design makes your webpage user friendly as you website opens perfectly on any device of any screen size. There is a huge competition on technology innovations and a number of smart phones are launched in market daily. Therefore, if you have a perfect Responsive website design then people will visit your website, which would be beneficial for your business.

Mobile Segment: It is also one of the good features of perfect responsive website design as it allows you to get all the useful information about the traffic on your website. For this, you just have to make a mobile segment and you will get a complete view of traffic coming to your site. Traffic updates are important as it tells you about your website performance. As a result, it will help you to make changes to your site to increase traffic.

Less Maintenance:  With the responsive website design, you don’t need to make the changes individually on the website for various devices. You just have to maintain one website and it will be updated automatically on all versions of site. Therefore, less maintenance is required and website is updated effectively.

Only vertical scrolling: Perfect Responsive Web design is not just about the device. For instance, if you are opening a website on huge screen, then it is not that you will always experience the full screen web browser window. But if you are opening a perfect responsive design, then there is no need to care about the screen size. Responsive design will never allow you to do the horrible horizontal scrolling.

Summary:  Responsive Website design is a dynamic new approach to website creation that is accessible by both mobile device and desktop users. A perfect responsive design brings more visitors or traffic to your site as it looks great and is accessible from all devices.

A WordPress Security Update with Brennen Byrne

Brennen Byrne wordpress security specialistSF Website Design at WordPress security seminar

On June 25 Automatic hosted a seminar about WordPress security in San Francisco.
The speaker of this event was Brennen Byrne. Brennen he is the cofounder and CEO of Clef, which is a company that provides services that takes care of website security. Here is the link to Clef website:

Brennen was discussing what are the most important aspect about the WordPress security and he was emphasizing why it is so important to have your WordPress Website updated all the time.

If you thing about having a website secured, you also have to consider to update our template and plugins. We managed to get a list for you that will increase your website security and it is extremely important to follow through the checklist if you really want to have a secured website. You can get access to the list by visiting the link below:
Another great plugin that can increase your wordpress website security is called Wordfance and you can download it from this link bellow:

Seminar recording video:

If you are looking for a WordPress website designer don’t forget that we are here to help you get a website designed for you or your company. To see some of our websites you can check out our portfolio page by clicking this link. We are also offering WordPress tutoring lessons and you can get more information over here:

Website Security: Attack, defense and profit Seminar

We all desire top of the line website security. It’s one of the those things we will always need. In this tech-driven society where all our information is at our fingertips, we need people who are protecting just that. At the “Web Security: Attack, Defense and Profit” Seminar, that info at your fingertips was being discussed, well, its protection to be more exact. Guess who else wants to ensure your safety? If you guessed SF Website Design, then points go to you!


Web Security: Attack, Defense and profit was organized by San Francisco’s own SFHTML5 Meet Up group. SFHtml5 is a group of industry professionals and enthusiasts coming together for fun and knowledge which is paramount in this age. At the seminar, which was hosted at the Google office in San Francisco, CA., 4 keynote speakers took the stage and laid out the digital carpet for billions of new ideas.


Parisa-Tabriz-software-engineers-in-Google-security-teamTalk One: “Do No Evil”
was speared by, Parisa Tabriz, who has background in information security.

She was initially a “Hired Hacker” for Google and that has brought her to managing Google Chrome’s security engineering team.



Tim-Willis-works-at-Google-teamTalk 2: “Ca$H for Bugs” Tim Willis (will-is) a Vulnerabilities expert.

He looks at websites and finds cracks that are microscopic and gets them fixed. I’m sure he is amazing, he use to work at the Australian department of defense. Now he works at Google and is making sure that all the bugs get’s fixed.



Eduardo-Vela-Nava-Google's-Product-Security-Response-team“Vulns shouldn’t compile,” but Eduardo Vela Nava surely does strike hot with the 3rd talk.

He leads the Product Security Response team for Google. His team makes sure any security issue that was, is no longer.



Joel-Weinberger-Chrome-security-teamAs Joel Weinberger say’s “Three steps to safety” which is talk 4, the last talk. Joel is a very dedicated Software Engineer.

He ensures user safety by hardening browser applications, he is also working at Chrome security team as a software engineer.


Other happenings at the event included tasty beverages, tantalizing sweets and a uber casual meet and greet. Over 200 people attended this event that was organized by SFHTML5.

We at SF Website Design strive to improve everything about ourselves, like going to the gym everyday or eating an extra carrot or two. However, being current in our information is a much bigger part of being involved in our ever expanding community. We will be attending events just like this and more. Expect coverage on computer sciences, updates on safety issues and solutions, and active implementation of safer practices.

The SFHTML5 meetup event page link is here:

How To Get Better Rankings in Google and YouTube

Get Better RankingsWe all know just how powerful the internet can be because no matter where you look online now you are being advertised to. You might scoff at the ads that fill up about a fifth of the web page in front of you at any one time, but they wouldn’t be getting paid for if they weren’t offering some kind of return at the other end. Some of the most direct advertising methods out there are some of the most successful when used in the right environment and context.

For most people, though, it’s important to get the groundwork finished first and this means establishing yourself in methods that you know will work for you immediately. No matter your niche, your website style or your business methodology you will be able to get sales and traffic from Google and from YouTube. Together they are the most potent and coherent marketing strategy that a business can use, and when you augment them with the power of many other marketing methods you can absolutely blow your competition out of the water.

But, with the power of Google and YouTube comes exceptionally high standards. Being arguably the biggest industry in the world, the internet has immense standards for those who want to succeed. You aren’t just competing with the business across the street to get a cut of the local pie; you are going up against everyone from eBay sellers and freelancers to conglomerate giants. Therefore, you need to make sure you are using the smartest and most intelligent methods possible to get yourself as high up on Google as possible.

It’s not about spending huge amounts of money and hoping for the best – it’s about doing the smart little tasks that are time consuming but cost-effective and offer incredible potential. There are literally hundreds of little tips and tricks that you can implement to your business strategy to make sure that your website is coming out on top but we want to concentrate on some of the most practical methods that you can get plentiful assistance with at great prices or do yourself if you have the knowhow.

If you are looking to expend your business and get better rankings than you need to get in contact with our SEO team from San Francisco.

seo strategy to rank in google yahoo youtube bingGet better ranking by having good SEO on your webpages

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most commonly used online strategies. It’s all about making sure that your website is search engine compliant and jumps through all of the hoops that Google asks of you. When you are on the first page of Google you will get business, it’s just a fact these days.

Many individually run businesses are outwitting larger corporations because they are using the power of SEO to get in ahead of them. if you see a business that is ahead of a recognized company brand you are going to check them out, because they must be pretty good at what they do to be ahead of that company!

These perceptions can be incredibly powerful – you can make your business stand out like a genuine giant. There is a huge amount of work that goes into making SEO absolute on your website and hiring an expert who can implement all the right changes to your website can be incredibly powerful and the cost can be reflected in the success you see from the other side.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another way to get better rankings for your website. It is one of the most intelligent things that you can do these days. Google loves cool, fresh content and it loves content that isn’t loaded with keywords. Even more importantly, it’s a lover of links between websites so when you start writing content to be hosted on other peoples blogs – preferably popular ones in your niche! – You can start to see incredible benefits from doing this.

If you are relatable enough and write a convincing article that isn’t too heavy on the sales approach, you can make a long-term traffic funnel from just a few hours of writing and fresh content getting posted all over the web. If you write a good article, there aren’t too many blogs who are going to reject your ideas or what you want to do, is there? If you aren’t a writer then you can go to freelance websites and get quality writing done, and then send that over with a link to your website!

Local Directories

As we said, Google loves links back to your website especially on places of authority. Local directories are the definition of authority in the eyes of Google, so make sure you are getting involved in getting your website on local directories, this can be a huge benefit to you as people come across your business as the go-to solution for their problem. It’s not too costly either and can be a strong incremental marketing method.

Video Optimization

When we discussed SEO above, all of this relates directly to YouTube. It uses keywords just the same way as Google does, so having you business’ videos optimized to fit the right keywords on YouTube can bring you lots of traffic and business for the future.

YouTube is used today for everything from watching music videos and movie reviews to getting tips on how to play the guitar and even finding the business you are going to work with. Tap into this power and you can really benefit for years to come!

YouTube and Google are easily the most applicable online webpages that you can use to strengthen your powerbase online and convince your potential clients that you are serious. If you are seen to be getting a lot of traffic and authority from these two sites you will be given the time to sell your product or service to anybody who clicks through to you. This is a commodity that you really cannot buy, as it’s so invaluable in an environment where you don’t get long at all to tell why you can be the solution.
Make sure you start looking into investing in raising your profile on both Google and YouTube because without it you not only risk not capitalizing on your potential but you also may wind up in a situation where your rivals outperform you and push you into the past.

Get in contact with our team from SF Website Design if you are looking to get better ranking on in different search engines like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Increase your website traffic by using different advertising methods

In the modern business world, it’s so important that you have a stable and steady traffic and lead generation system in place. This can take a bit of tweaking and moving around trying to get everything in place, but with the right mentality and methods it’s very easy to get this done in no time at all.
Of course, for most people it’s finding the right methods to actually use that is the difficult part. With so much misinformation and opinion out there it’s hard to drill down into what’s actually good business practice for you. Not every traffic generation method is going to be ideal for your business, so you need to think smart.

website-advertising-trafficWe want to look at some of the most common website traffic amplification methods that can help put your website on the map and actually bring you some clients in the long-term. Again, they might not be ideal for your business strategy but knowledge is power and you’ll be able to make the decision based on your knowledge of the niche you are in and whether or not you think this could help you push yourself forward in the market of your choosing;

If you need additional information about advertising you can also read more here: PPC San Francisco

Launch A Google Advertising Campaign

As we all know now, Google is the daddy of the search engines. Sure, it’s nice to be on good terms with all of the search engines but if you are going to make a conscious effort to drill down into the search engines and concentrate on one it simply has to be Google. They offer you the highest chance of bringing you traffic and business in the long-term as they are not going anywhere.

Google advertising campaigns can be managed in a variety of different ways. They offer so many options about information about managing your campaigns and how to organize them that it’s hard to even get into the details here. There is so many methods that you can manage through here that we will be discussing below, so keep reading if the idea of augmenting Google interests you as they offer a form of many of these advertising methods!

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Unless you never use the internet or you simply don’t pay attention to modern culture, then you will be well aware of Facebook and its potential. Everybody can see how powerful Facebook can be if used properly – it’s a 24/7 market to just about anybody who uses the internet as part of their daily routine and the chance to advertise on Facebook should be something that you definitely want to look into.

They can be quite costly but it means that you will be appearing at the side of peoples Facebook pages if they seem to fit what you are looking for. This can open you up to whole new marketing possibilities and into demographics you never thought you would be active within, and can be extremely powerful when you start interacting with these people through your own Facebook page.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is up there with Facebook in terms of marketing potential, but you need to have some good and enticing media content to make this worthwhile. If you can’t really sell your product via video then it might be better to look into something else but if you can even market your business slightly through YouTube then you should be actively pursuing a YouTube marketing expert who can help you use this to build your traffic sources up incredibly quickly.

Pay Per Click

PPC marketing is one of the most powerful methods to get high website traffic, but it can also be one of the most expensive if you don’t use it right. As the name implies, you are paying for every click that you get from the advertising provided. If your site is not converting well then this can become a very expensive but when you use it to sell a strong website you can more than cover the costs of every click.

A PPC expert will help you get the right keywords and costs according to your budget and this can help offset the costs even further. When optimized properly for the right website this can be a devastating form of marketing that will leave your profits sky-high.

Buy Leads

Rather than creating leads organically you can literally buy them. There are many marketplaces that will sell you visitors. Even better, you can make sure that the visitors are actually tailored to your business’ market specifically which makes making the sell easier, but it can still be a little bit hit and miss. If you are getting success with other markets it’s well worth trying but as a last resort or your only marketing solution it can become an expensive failure if you start becoming desperate with it.

As you can see, the online marketing world has many different methods – and this is only the start. All of these methods are commonly used by many businesses to varying levels of success. The important part about using these marketing methods is getting the right team behind you who can actually put things into place in a considered and analytical mind.
All of these marketing methods are tailor fit to some business niches and styles, so it’s important that you consult with experts in each niche – or a marketing expert in general – to get the right consensus about what will fit you best, if you are not sure yourself.

For those that are not in favor of advertising using: PPC, PPV, youtube, facebook and others; we can set up SEO campaigns that will get your website better ranking in different search engines. You can find more details here:


Tips in how to write good content for your website

Good quality content is the lifeblood of any website. If you can produce good quality content then you WILL attract visitors to your website. You also stand a much better chance of converting them into paying customers too. Surprisingly, there are actually very sites out there who actually put top content on their website. There are far too many webmasters out there who will throw up any old thing and call it a day. Guess what? This is going to cost them money. I know you are not as silly as those though. After all, you have stumbled across this page. It shows that you have at least an inkling about how important good quality content is

Now, there are TONS of people out there who feel as though they can’t write. Trust me. You can. If you know English well enough then you CAN write. Writing good quality content is actually FAR easier than writing at school. Trust me on that one. If you can open up a Word Processor then you can write. Hopefully these tips will give you a nice nudge in the right direction.


discover how to write good content for your websiteWrite Unique Content

I want to kick off these tips with one of the most vital of all; write unique content. Now, I do not mean coming up with a completely new topic on your own (although if you can do that, it would be brilliant). Instead I mean ensuring that your article is different from anything else you will read online. It needs your own unique spin. It NEEDS to be written in ‘your voice’.

One of the WORST things you can do when you are writing content is to go out there and snatch sentences and even whole paragraphs from other websites. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • If you are operating in a small niche then it is highly likely somebody would have seen that information before. If they recognize you stole it then they simply will leave. You will forever be known as a fraud. This is not a good title to have by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Secondly, and this is perhaps the most important, it will RUIN your SEO (search engine optimization). You see, search engines like Google will completely ignore ‘stolen’ content. This means that no matter how good it is, you just won’t get ranked.

It honestly is not too difficult to write unique content. Just use multiple research sources (more on that soon) and you should be fine! I am going to discuss how you can come up with ‘unique’ ideas for content in the final section.



If you know your niche well then you MAY (not always) be able to skip this. You want to make sure that absolutely everything is researched IN DEPTH! Use multiple research sources so you actually get facts on your websites. Do not post something unless it is mentioned in 2 or 3 different places. You stick up false content and people will loathe you.


write good articlesDo Not Focus on SEO so Much

One of my biggest pet peeves is the amount of webmasters out there who will SEO their content to hell. Sure, you may climb up the search engines like this, but you certainly are not going to be converting any of those website visitors into paying customers. People want to read something that actually sounds natural. They do not want it to be jarred by stupidly placed keywords. This will throw them off. A recent study showed that even the simplest error like this could cause somebody to leave your website quickly.

So, what about your SEO? Well, if you write content properly then it should end up pepper-potted with natural keyword phrases anyway. If you want to add keywords in place, and I actively suggest you do in some cases, then do make sure that it sounds natural. You are writing for people. You are not writing for machines.


Couple of Ideas for Content

Perhaps one of the MOST DIFFICULT parts of writing content for websites is actually coming up with the initial idea. Now, obviously I do not know what niche you are in. However, I want to finish up with a couple of generic ideas for content types. I am sure you will be able to work with this to come up with something that could potentially work for your site:

  • The ‘How To’ article: If you are looking for a decent bit of link bait then that How To article is the way to go. As you can probably guess from the name, this article is all about walking somebody through something specific in a ‘step-by-step’ format. I am sure that no matter what your niche is, you will be able to come up with a ‘how to’ article of some description. It is likely that the bulk of your articles will be in the ‘How Totrain of thought.
  • Definition Articles: Does your niche have a number of complex terms that people may not know the meaning of? A definition article is the way to go. Go into depth on a complex term. If you know your niche well then this should not be too difficult.
  • Discussion Articles: This may be a little bit difficult to pull off and it MAY NOT suit every single niche. The idea here is to discuss something relevant to the industry. For example, if you blog about politics then you may put forth your own ideas on something that a particular politician said. Controversial reviews WILL attract a lot of visits.
  • News: If you are going to go down the news route then make sure that it is 100% unique.
  • List Articles: You know the type. These are the ‘top 10’ lists! People love reading these.

Perhaps one of the best tips I can offer you here is to go around and see what your competitors do. See which content tends to attract the highest amount of praise. Do not copy their ideas obviously. However see what they do right and try to mimic them. There is no point reinventing the wheel, right?

Honestly, there is not a lot to writing content. You just need that idea and you need to write it. Providing you proof read over and over again, edit where needed, and create something worth reading and 100% unique you should not have too many problems.

Stay tuned we will be back with more amazing content and with more information in how to write good content for your web property! We will strive to provide you with amazing information in how to improve your website optimization.


SF Website Design Video Intro

Video IntroHello everybody,

I just wanted to make a quick post. I wanted to get your feedback regarding the video intro that will be used in front of all my videos.

Let us know what you think.

If you guy’s need a video intro for your videos get in contact with us and we will create one for you. We will need your logo file. We can also create different animated videos for your website based on your script. If you don’t have a script it’s ok we can create one for you. We can also create a voiceover for your video.


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