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Confused-Businessman-that-needs-to-find-the-right-keywordsWe keep mentioning how important it is to use keywords that will appeal to your audience, but we never have really gotten to the point where we discuss how to choose keywords to post. Well, in this section, that’s all we’re going to talk about. Every well optimized site begins with a little bit of keyword research.

Keyword research is, to a point, largely intuitive for the DIY SEO enthusiast. First, you are going to have to think of keywords that are relevant to your site’s content. Write them down, and then search each keyword or phrase that you come up with on a major search engine. This gives you a good insight into how much competition you have, and also gives you an idea of how hard it will be to score the top rankings for a keyword group. Remember, keywords can be multiple words long.

Test your keywords the right way!

Once you have searched through a number of keywords, buy sample ad campaigns from Google Adwords and similar services. After about 300 clicks, take a look at the impression rate that you have, as well as the conversion rate. By doing this, you can actually figure out the value of each keyword phrase! Some keywords are extremely valuable, and can get you as much as 1 to 2 million visitors a year. So, it makes sense to do your research and pour your efforts into a profitable keyword campaign.

It’s important to also be aware of the fact that many people do not search for the most obvious keywords. In fact, only 30% of all internet searches are for the top search terms. Other terms, especially those that are niche, or that have a commerce-based interest, are much more likely to be very profitable for those who invest the time to rank #1 in them. This is why SEO that is based around search terms for a specific service or store in a location tend to fare so well. Similarly, this is why most SEO experts suggest looking into phrases instead of single words, also known as “long tail searches.”

There are other keyword research tools out there that are worth looking into. Google Insight, Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool, and Microsoft Advertising Intelligence are among some of the most popular keyword research tools out there. When doing your research, it never hurts to have some professional level tools at your fingertips.

Keyword research isn’t only about the value of getting great impressions with keywords, either. Much of the information that is revealed when doing good research also will tell you whether or not the keywords are going to be difficult to trump. With some of the most popular search terms, it’s quite possible that it will take years to overcome the search engine ranking status quo – especially if you’re talking about major brands.

how-to-find-a-good-search-termThe keywords that you choose to work on will end up directly affecting the amount of revenue that your company and site can generate. Good keyword targets, especially keyword strings that are directly related to your site, will likely generate much more traffic and revenue than keywords that could be about a number of
different things. Keeping things specific always is wise when conducting keyword research and targeting your audience.

Is really important to find the right keywords

Conducting good keyword research does take a little bit of effort, as well as some money. Many SEO experts will go so far as to sit and research keywords for a matter of weeks before they make a decision on which keywords they want to primarily target. Taking time to research this is definitely advised for the beginner in SEO.

While you don’t have to take that much time to research keywords, it is important to focus on targeting these keywords before you make a website that is intended for mass audiences. Otherwise, how will you know what content to provide for your audience? How will you know what phrases convert into the highest sales? Without a little knowledge on what works best for you, designing a website is basically like steering a ship that has no sails. It will get you nowhere fast. If you want to get more details about our seo services you can visit this link: SEO Services in San Francisco


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